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Tips for an internship abroad. A service offered by the Office for EU-projects and Vocational Qualification of the District Government of Düsseldorf

Internship in Europe

The importance of a cross-border vocational education continues to grow in today’s preceding Europeanization. The fusion of the European Economic Area and labour market requires the promotion of the individual’s further language and intercultural competences. A cross-border internship contributes to develop these competences. The Office of EU-projects and Vocational Qualification at the District Government of Düsseldorf (GEB) supports and prepares vocational schools of the governmental district of Düsseldorf (North-Rhine-Westphalia) in order to encourage the development of such competences through international exchanges in a European context. Hereby, the Europeanization of the vocational education is enhanced.

Through a close cooperation between the GEB and their international partners, internships in for example Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the U.K can be realized. More partner-countries could be added by the vocational schools in the governmental district of Düsseldorf. The project is financed through the Program Erasmus+.

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