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Tips for an internship abroad. A service offered by the Office for EU-projects and Vocational Qualification of the District Government of Düsseldorf

Information for training companies

Scholarships for an internship abroad of your trainees

As a trainer, you take responsibility for the development of your trainees. You convey valuable knowledge and skills to young people who are making their way into a working life. Additionally, you support the development of their personality.

Based on experience reports, trainers who enabled their trainees to have a working experience abroad, emphasize the strengthening of independence and the motivation to become more involved in training and working life.

In order to provide this important process, stays abroad are valuable times in which your trainees evolve. Thanks to the EU-project Erasmus+, your apprentices have the opportunity to spend an internship abroad through a scholarship with a duration of at least two weeks in a European country. Use this opportunity to qualify your junior staff.

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Your advantages:

  • Ensure efficient junior staff
  • Improve your customer service through qualified and motivated employees
  • Gain new customers in new markets
  • Enhancing your image

Elements of an internship

Before an internship, the apprentices participate in linguistic and cultural preparations. During the stay abroad, the trainees work on the learning content agreed upon with you and the school. During this time reliable contact persons – such as teachers of the vocational colleges and employees of the GEB – are at your disposal. The professional competences acquired during the internship abroad are certified by the Europass Mobility.

What does the GEB offer?

The office for EU projects and vocational training of the district government of Düsseldorf (GEB) and its network offer scholarships for internships abroad for trainees and pupils which last at least two weeks. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the target country and duration.
We cover insurance for the pupils for liability, accident and health insurance for the duration of the internship. Additional costs do not arise for the training company.

What do we expect from the apprentices?

Self-initiative is required. The apprentices look for an internship and their accommodation themselves. They can be supported by their teachers of the vocational colleges.

Your role as a training company

You are in favor of your apprentice’s wish to carry out an internship abroad. Legally, the stay abroad is treated as part of vocational training, as long as it serves the educational purpose. The apprenticeship will not be interrupted and the apprentice’s pay will be continued.

What requirements are imposed on applicants for an internship abroad?

  • Distinctive social behaviour
  • Participation in preparatory meetings
  • Compilation of application documents
  • Documentation of the internship abroad