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Tips for an internship abroad. A service offered by the Office for EU-projects and Vocational Qualification of the District Government of Düsseldorf

Information for trainees and students

Auslandspraktikum Onepager
Short information about scholarships
for vocational internships

The GEB offers scholarships for vocational internships in a European country for

  • students of the dual system
  • full-time students
  • students who completed the apprenticeship (up to one year after graduation)

of a vocational college in the governmental district of Duesseldorf (North-Rhine-Westfalia).  

The scholarships offered depend on the destination of the country and the duration of the exchange. Exchanges can last from two weeks up to maximum 9 months.

The foreign internships will not be organized by the GEB.

Trainees and students can absolve a vocational internship abroad with the help of the Blended Mentoring programme. They will evolve their professional competences through learning agreements which have been arranged by the receiving and sending companies beforehand.
The competences which have been acquired during the internship will be certified by the GEB through the “Europass-Mobilität”.