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Be mobile - go to Europe!

Tips for an internship abroad. A service offered by the Office for EU-projects and Vocational Qualification of the District Government of Düsseldorf

Information for trainers and teachers

Target groups are vocational schools’ teachers and companies’ trainers of the district government of Duesseldorf and Cologne.
We offer:

  • a two-day further training in a vocational educational background of ECVET (activity 1),
  • a tandem-mobility: a trainer together with a teacher get acquainted with foreign educational systems as well as establishing contacts with companies abroad (activity 2),
  • the opportunity to compare changing working and teaching environments on a European level (activity 3),
  • the possibility to make vocational competencies and levels comparable and transparent – together with French partners such as Lycees of Academie Aix-Marseille (activity 4).

The above mentioned activities will be financed by scholarships, which depend on destination and duration. The stay abroad should be between two days and one week.